Easy scheduling


Create your meetings in a few seconds, view your meeting in the form of a list or a calendar. Simply navigate between your meetings, contacts and invoices, thanks to a simple and unique interface.

How does it work?

To plan a meeting, you just click on the Add (Ajouter) button, on the page listing your meetings.

Fill in the form to schedule your videoconference or conference call:

  • A name and a description for the meeting
  • A date and start time (you can specify the associated time zone)
  • For videoconferences, the type of meeting (S,M,L or XL Pro)
  • A list of invitees and the presenters (without limit, use to transmit the link to the videoconference)
  • An option to make the meeting public if you do a videoconference
  • An option to record the meeting
  • An option to join the videoconference, with a non-premium rate telephone number
  • Three cumulative options to send email invitations to your participants:
    • When scheduling the meeting invitations will be sent upon confirmation of the planning
    • Before the meeting invitations will be sent from 1 minute to 4 hours before the meeting
    • At the start of the meeting invitations will be sent as soon as the meeting starts

Create your first meeting




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